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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wrestling the Short Story

Still ... trying to cobble together a short story for Renna's Tales.  The piece is progressing, but not as fast as I had expected.  [The story of everyone's life, I'd guess.]  My hopes of knocking out a short story [around 3,000 words] a month have withered for lack of skill.  One problem:  making a magically powerful Half-Elven vulnerable.

While I'm not particularly happy about the delay, I think the effort is worthwhile ... if only as a training exercise.  I'm into "keep it short, stupid" mode.  The "it" being my writing.  Hopefully, I'll get new content on the website next month.  

The going-for-a-story-every-other-month idea made me feel less a dunce ... then, I discovered the anthology Must Love Hellhounds was out in mass paperback.  Sat back with great expectations of a Charlaine Harris and Ilona Andrews story ... plus a couple other entertainments ... and got whopped up the side of the head.  Charlaine, I hardly knew you.  Her story, while interesting, dragged.  It took nine pages to offer the first of her dry [in character] commentary statements.

Must thank the editor for introducing me to a new writer though:  Meljean Brook.  Loved the way she made the stock tough former CIA operative character stand out as an individual.

Pictures?   You wonder.  I'm working on it, but I really feel uncomfortable being a "nag".


  1. Perhaps your half elven is vulnerable in love, like so many of us are.
    Everyone is invited to a Viking Blog BBQ...where you are encouraged to follow other bloggers, join their facebook and twitter links, and leave comments. Directions are in a post on my site.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. One of the things about having over 400,000 words written about a world ... is I know that can't be. She's had a constant relationship with Ashton (mentioned in Gorsfeld for over 400 years. But the Renna Tales are when they were kids with the three -- Mariah, Ashton, and Linden -- forming a threesome ... until Linden found someone else.

    I'll look into the Viking BBQ. Does that include horse sausage?