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Monday, October 25, 2010

Artwork!!! Ain't it Grand.

Artwork:  Hannah Nitecki
The above is the link-artwork I put up on my website ... after over two hours of struggling with the GoDaddy templates.  No wonder website builders charge so much.  You never know when your content will jump away from you to where you don't want it. -- Do you think web designers have more control over the mouses than I do?

The full picture is up on Renna's Tales.  The depiction is the scene where Gorsfeld meets Mariah the first time while she's working in the apple orchard.

Can't believe I've been working on this since August.  Guess patience is a virtue.

Some progress made on the next Renna/Mariah story.  Have the beginning ... and the ending ... and some vague ideas about what's going to happen in the middle.  I'm trying to outline by motivation.  Purpose of story:  to explain why even the Half-Elven are suspicious of elves.  This may be one I put up for e-sale.  

[Frankly, I don't know what I'm doing.] 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes Delay is Good

I think.  At least so far.  I've been reading a lot about e-publishing lately ... not necessarily self-publishing.  The end result:  I'm thinking about changing how a develop my website.  

Basic change?  Removing the "free" story.  If I can get some "cover" art, I'm going to e-publish them for $0.59, if possible ... with maybe a revolving freebie deal.  I don't know what I'll be doing.  The ideas still swirl in my head.  Whatever, the stories will be on the first page of my site.  Only I must figure out the linkage stuff.

Traffic still shows up at the Tales of the Far Isle Half-Elven site.  Increased almost a hundred since last week [if I round up] from wherever they're finding it.  People even follow the links to my blogs.  So, if you're a new viewer.  Welcome.

Yeah.  Someday I might have pictures of the characters up on the site.  First installment promised by Wednesday.  If it doesn't show, I'm off to find another artist.  I may be easy, but I'm not a patsy.

PS:  I hope you find this color combination easier on the eyes.  I've been dinking with the advance design for over a month.  Think I got the button close to the right spot this time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Over 300 Viewers and Counting

and they weren't all me.  Believe it or not I only look at the counter on my Half-Elven website a couple times a week.  I wonder what'll happen when I publicize the thing.  I'm sure some gamers have gone away uninterested when they visited. 

Have been looking at Wordpress a bit.  Several people have said they are great for websites.  Guess I'm too simple-minded to use them.   Got so confused, my eyes crossed.  I think I'll stay in the idiot's corner.

Believe it or not I have a date for when I'll get my first artwork ... and the artist is interested in doing more illustrations.  Hopefully, once she gets an idea of what the characters look like, things will go faster.  Maybe I'll have everything up by November.  Then, what do I have to do?  I'm afraid it'll be marketing ... which I hate.

Oh, on the Renna's Tales front.  Revisions don't bore me ... but give me creating any time ... ideas bouncing around like bucky balls is much more interesting than the discipline of editing, etc.  Latest idea.  Renna wants to be a serialized novel of the years just after the Rebellion.  

Think of Renna and Maren arm wrestling.  My mind seems to be doubly active when I'm dozing in my chair with Wiggles sprawled on my lap.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling Good -- Without Pictures

May not have the original artwork yet, but I do have the second Renna's Tale up --  Stubborn Is As Half-Elven Does.  May not seem like much, a 3300 word story.  But I can't write short things ... with any ease.  I always have a huge info dump at the beginning before the action starts ... and often end up with lots of exposition telling how the story fits into the world at hand.

We won't even mention the typos.  Was rather embarrassed to find a couple on my website and don't even want to know how many are in the Renna Tales.  Yeah, I corrected the ones on the website.

Now, I have to decide what if anything I'm going to do about The Foiling of Gorsfeld.  Guess I could try putting it up on Smashwords or Createspace ... but that would work best if I had some artwork I could fit into a cover.  At least, I think I should be doing something else with the story to build a readership for the Half-Elven world.  Back to the old notebook where I've been keeping notes on how to create a platform, etc.

Why do I think the world runs in circles?