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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Continuing Website Saga

Still no pictures of my Half-Elven yet.  Hey, don't think I can nag my artist.  Oh, I could, but he might get mad.

Am still dinking with the website, changing this and that.  Did mention it's existence at the AW Water Cooler and got lots of insights on what writers expect from a website.  Saddest comment.  Some thought publishers provided websites for their published writers, and I should wait for my publisher to provide.  

My reading says different.  Comments from several mid-list authors whose publishers left them to hang in the ether.  For me?  I'm setting up to promote an e-published novelette by a micro-publisher [WolfSinger Publications].  I think I'd wait a looooong time for a publisher website to appear on the web, though I hope to get some suggestions once next year's publishing schedule is set.

The consensus of AW comment pointed to one big problem with my site -- lack of content.  So, I went digging through my files Sunday afternoon looking for the story I thought to rewrite and place as the first installment of "Renna's Tales".  I couldn't find it.  Worse, I can't remember the trick Mariah played on her unwanted suitor ... though I think it had something to do with pigs.

Then, my NYC daughter came to the rescue.  She found a copy of the story in her email files.  Now I have to rewrite to fit the new format.  Mariah will no longer be gossiping about Half-Elven characters, but Renna.  It's not entirely far fetched.  Renna is a mentioned character in Taking Vengeance.


  1. The only authors I know of who get publisher-sponsored sites are the big names making lots of money. I figured I'd better go for proactive and do it myself. I was right.


  2. Me again -- I have an award for you at my blog today, Kay.