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Monday, August 23, 2010

Trudging Along ...

Slow progress.  Maybe work is moving so slow on the site, you can't see it.  Today, I'm calling GoDaddy customer service.  Maybe you might soon see a picture ... but not the ones coming from the artist.

Spent most of the last week working on a short story.  The core ideas had been done months ago from another point of view.  Decided gossip about the characters would come better from a secondary character (Renna)  rather than one of the main actors (Mariah).

Had a major panic moment.  I knew I had saved the story, but couldn't find it when I went looking for it.  Fortunately, NYC daughter had saved it where she could retrieve it.  Her reward?  She got the revise version to critique.  Others are critiquing it too ... but I still may fall on my face into a pool of criticism because I don't follow the normal short story formula.

One other point.  The AW Water Cooler denizens have pointed out -- there's no artwork on the site.  Hopefully, the artist I'm working with will come up with some ideas soon.  I'm faced with the dilemna:  "to nag or not to nag".

A mile stone.  Someone returned to look at the site.


  1. Hey there Kay, I've got you on Google reader so every time you post I know it. Of course I make no promises, life can get pretty hectic. My father was stationed in Ireland for awhile during WWII, he used to tell some interesting stories about the little people there.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. Thanks for stopping by. As is obvious, I'm trying to get my own brand off the ground.

  3. Kay, you have so many projects going on, I can't keep up. Finally read through these posts, but haven't checked out your posted chapter yet. So many blogs, so little time...