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Monday, December 13, 2010

Have a Verra Merra Holiday

What do you think of my "Half-Elven Home Page" picture?  It arrived in my email this morning, just like a present. ---  There's one more picture to go up, for sure, for this blog, but it may be awhile before it happens.  We'll see.

That's the good news.  The normal mire:  I'm still working on the website ... trying to come up with a way to add new content on a regular basis.  The best idea I've had so far is "Renna's Gossip" about the main characters -- Mariah, Ashton, and Linden.  New content would be easy if I was selling stuff regularly ... but at this point, I'm not.

Next step:  I have to start promoting the site ...  which means adding meta-tags without stuffing keywords in every sentence.

Unless there's some tremendous news ... like maybe Samhain accepting Dark Solstice ...  I won't be blogging until the New Year.  

So, enjoy the holidays ... 
and take the time to watch snowflakes fall, 
walk in fresh snow, or
or day dream to flames dancing on the hearth ... 
or whatever calms the frantic chaos of the season for you.

How about a couple snoozes listening to carols?


  1. Not sure what the snoozes means, but if its taking a nap or resting u, pencil me in for two. Have a great and safe holiday season!

  2. Hope you take more than one nap ... especially, if your's are productive as mine.