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Monday, December 6, 2010

Pride Goes Before the Fall

Last week, I worked hard on the Half-Elven site.  My critique session with a professional computer guru gave me all sorts of insights on how to do the keywords.  I had them in the text, but not in the proper search slot.

The new picture of Mariah and Renna came in.  I learned how to cut out thumb-nail pictures and applied them on the website pages.

Oh, I was feeling soooooo good and pleased with myself.  I'd even corrected all the typos I could notice.

Then, I decided to reformat Renna's page so I could have two columns of links to the various "gossip sessions"  since I've given up on full-blown short stories as a way to add new content to the website.

The screaming and gnashing of teeth you heard last Saturday night was me.  I deleted all the the changes I worked so hard on all last week.  I even managed to delete the website page leading into Renna's Half-Elven Tales so I can't find it to restore.  *^#_@%*!!


  1. Oh No! I hate when things like that happen. Computers are so tricky for me too. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. The good news -- It only took a fraction of the time to get it all back up. I guess I managed to learn something.