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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Far Isle Half-Elven Progress

It's probably cold comfort, but I'm getting happier with the Half-Elven website.  Just cleaned up a bunch of typos and made some clarifications in the text.  

Also, put the Renna page back up so people can link to different stories.  I'll keep the stories on the blog because I can get many of them up without using site pages.  --  Even coordinated the blogs ... and like the look better. 

[Having the blogs on Blogger is just another example of my cheapness in paying for hosting 10 pages instead of 100.  Maybe GoDaddy should have an intermediate pricing option ... like for 25 pages?  Whatever, I'm grateful for them having an easy-to-use platform for computer idiots like me with live help to get me over the bumps.  So, I spend enormous amounts of time on the Half-Elven website.  I'm learning.  As always, life is a trade-off between time and money.]

Guess I should be spending all this time building "my name url", since most author sites go that way.  But, I write adult and middle grade fantasy.  I don't think the two would mix too well ... like my half-elves are into sex though I don't go into much detail.  I think.

Just a couple more illustrations to go ... and I can submit the website to 1st Turning Point to get shot down.  Like I know I should get a media kit up on the site.  I'm thinking of putting it up on a separate page from my author bio ... but it seems a little presumptuous to put one up before anything is published ... or at least, within a couple months of being published.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to juggle the two age levels, I'm "all ears" ... or is that eyes?


  1. You could put up your press kit page with a blurb about coming soon and have a target date.

    As for the tween/adult fantasy thing, I'm thinking a middle grade site should be it's own thing. Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. Good ideas, Jen. I still don't have any definite dates when when my stories will appear.

    On the tween thing, I had already just about made the decision to keep them separate -- especially after spending the morning at the Northern Colorado Writer's coffee, where we discussed websites among other things.