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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes Delay is Good

I think.  At least so far.  I've been reading a lot about e-publishing lately ... not necessarily self-publishing.  The end result:  I'm thinking about changing how a develop my website.  

Basic change?  Removing the "free" story.  If I can get some "cover" art, I'm going to e-publish them for $0.59, if possible ... with maybe a revolving freebie deal.  I don't know what I'll be doing.  The ideas still swirl in my head.  Whatever, the stories will be on the first page of my site.  Only I must figure out the linkage stuff.

Traffic still shows up at the Tales of the Far Isle Half-Elven site.  Increased almost a hundred since last week [if I round up] from wherever they're finding it.  People even follow the links to my blogs.  So, if you're a new viewer.  Welcome.

Yeah.  Someday I might have pictures of the characters up on the site.  First installment promised by Wednesday.  If it doesn't show, I'm off to find another artist.  I may be easy, but I'm not a patsy.

PS:  I hope you find this color combination easier on the eyes.  I've been dinking with the advance design for over a month.  Think I got the button close to the right spot this time.


  1. I haven't gotten ambitious enough to start my own website yet. It took me long enough just to get up the courage to make my own blog!

    I liked the introduction on your website to the premise of your series.

    Good luck with your artist hunt!

  2. Someday, that'll be the "history of the Far Isle Half-Elven" page with maybe a timeline if I ever sell "Dark Solstice".

    Finally, got a sketch of the artwork for the first picture. Also, have exchanged emails with the artists and put a deadline on things. Now, I either have no artwork ... or will get it faster.

    Websites are a pain ... if you can't do the set up. I only got involved because I sold a short story to a micro-publisher ... which means I'm having to reorient my whole writing set up ... which means ... I don't know what.