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Monday, October 11, 2010

Over 300 Viewers and Counting

and they weren't all me.  Believe it or not I only look at the counter on my Half-Elven website a couple times a week.  I wonder what'll happen when I publicize the thing.  I'm sure some gamers have gone away uninterested when they visited. 

Have been looking at Wordpress a bit.  Several people have said they are great for websites.  Guess I'm too simple-minded to use them.   Got so confused, my eyes crossed.  I think I'll stay in the idiot's corner.

Believe it or not I have a date for when I'll get my first artwork ... and the artist is interested in doing more illustrations.  Hopefully, once she gets an idea of what the characters look like, things will go faster.  Maybe I'll have everything up by November.  Then, what do I have to do?  I'm afraid it'll be marketing ... which I hate.

Oh, on the Renna's Tales front.  Revisions don't bore me ... but give me creating any time ... ideas bouncing around like bucky balls is much more interesting than the discipline of editing, etc.  Latest idea.  Renna wants to be a serialized novel of the years just after the Rebellion.  

Think of Renna and Maren arm wrestling.  My mind seems to be doubly active when I'm dozing in my chair with Wiggles sprawled on my lap.


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  2. I know I need to do one, then another ... etc. Anyone not us, should take this piece of advice to heart.

    Hopefully, when the health issues calm down ...

  3. Congratulations on your view count!

    I wasn't a big Wordpress fan, either. I tried it when I was first starting my blog, but unless you get the pay version, it's just not as customizable as I like and I couldn't figure out most of the functions.

    I guess we can sit next to each other in that corner...

  4. B. H. ... The literate corner as opposed to the computer corner?