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Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling Good -- Without Pictures

May not have the original artwork yet, but I do have the second Renna's Tale up --  Stubborn Is As Half-Elven Does.  May not seem like much, a 3300 word story.  But I can't write short things ... with any ease.  I always have a huge info dump at the beginning before the action starts ... and often end up with lots of exposition telling how the story fits into the world at hand.

We won't even mention the typos.  Was rather embarrassed to find a couple on my website and don't even want to know how many are in the Renna Tales.  Yeah, I corrected the ones on the website.

Now, I have to decide what if anything I'm going to do about The Foiling of Gorsfeld.  Guess I could try putting it up on Smashwords or Createspace ... but that would work best if I had some artwork I could fit into a cover.  At least, I think I should be doing something else with the story to build a readership for the Half-Elven world.  Back to the old notebook where I've been keeping notes on how to create a platform, etc.

Why do I think the world runs in circles?


  1. I suspect you have heard this before. Hire an editor, I can suggest one if you like. Heidi Thomas, I gave her a Star Award so you can search and find her that way.

    I also gave the illustrator of my book a star, Bodie. In the same blog.

    Do you have a critique group?

    Getting followers requires that you follow and comment regularly. I am hosting a blog Halloween party from Friday Oct 22 through Sunday Oct. 24. I haven't got the registration for that up, but if you participate you will get a lot more followers.
    N. R Williams, fantasy author

  2. Thanks. But one of my best friends is a member of the regional editors association. I'd use her for stuff I charged for. --- Now, I'm wondering how many typos you found if you read the story.